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Fortify Distributors is a North American distributor of global manufacturing partners. Our goal is to build a strong relationship as your distribution partner where we focus on building YOU a stronger foundation for your company.

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  • Experience in various industries
  • Sales and marketing support
  • North American exposure
  • Wide network of resources
  • Sell direct or through retailers
Featured Manufactures

Hettec Components

Hettec Track Claws are a patented, innovative track accessory designed to improve traction for heavy equipment with crawler tracks that operate in bad weather and on critical surface conditions. No more long hours of “corking ” the hoe, ice lugs or just welding on grouser bar to Track Pads. Save time and money with the quick install of the Hettec Claw. The added Safety factor, having a secure grip in adverse conditions, gives the operator the needed security. Slipping sliding in steep terrain will be less of a concern. (or highlight the bolded text?)